In the court of law credibility is an important attribute to the truth. In the court of non profit public opinion to educate, legislate, and promote the group when a lack of credibility of leadership exists can open the door to the defeat of its NP mission. While 2200 members watch as the leaders turn the keys over to other people borne in their same state of New York. Could it have been by design?

Whenever there is a leadership gap it assists the potential of alternatives to rise and fill it. This alternative grew from poor soil and it is terrible that NAPPS ground has made it so rich in substance to appear to now take the lead. Over 2200 professional members of NAPPS who have been delegated out of the NAPPS decision making process will be hurt. While the leaders lay sleeping and spending and controlling it is at our door!



Material relating specific too:

and this is the correct chronological order of occurrences/awareness leading to this web page:

Trying to get licensed in Florida> shows the steps I took. The initial inquiries, the consistent refusals, the consistent ignorance, the successful overturn of hindering unconstitutional rules, and the demise of the board. From start to finish it took 9 months of unwavering conflict and landed in better rules, cleaner purposes, and less politics.

Florida Association>>shows the reason I resigned from FAPPS as attempts were made to influence my right as a member to view and evaluate records and hold accountable the board. The tool used was a threat of expulsion.

NAPPS>>>tax records, filing records, an investigation letter from the IRS

New York Association>>>>legislation issues for now

All Associations tax returns and filings>>>> all 990's for all associations. Except three of them who are not tax exempt.

Lawsuits- criminal and civil??? ........Federal Antitrust , sherman act, business interference, collusion, claims against NAPPS and its Washington charter, notary indictments and plea bargains..

Random Thoughts- don't even go here



4/22/2012 Florida 20th Judicial circuit and unlicensed process server attempting to make the services of process valid through orders and reports.

4/22/2012 Florida A/G depositions including robo signing false notary etc

4/16/2012 open letter to the board, TKW's Jason Orme, and the IRS

4/16/2012 IRS compliance guide

4/15/2012 theanatomyof100thousanddollars.pdf


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